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Live streaming shopping: The Future of Online Shopping

Live streaming e-commerce dates back to QVC’s 80s, when hosts such as Lisa Robertson would casually chat with viewers while showing off jewelry. The shows were viewed on television by viewers who could place orders by calling in. QVC Live Streaming Shopping is the new and improved version. uses video streaming to show products, interact with sellers and sell in real time. The rise of live video shopping is a trend that was established long ago. However, it has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Many brands needed to find ways to bypass the barriers of physical shopping when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Live streaming shopping was one way to do this. Live shopping allows sellers the opportunity to create their own shopping platform that allows them to interact with customers and sell in real time. Live streaming e-commerce is a mix of entertainment and commerce. It’s basically digitizing QVC or HSN.

Live online shopping allows viewers to ask questions, answer their queries, and shop in real time. eCommerce companies in the sector are moving to live online shopping platforms.

In the middle of 2010, China was home to the current live commerce trend. Influencers, celebrities, and industry professionals began to use live streaming shopping apps to bring their fans along with them to different boutiques. They displayed products and gave details in real time. These virtual trips allowed shoppers to see exotic places and offer the possibility of purchasing products not available in China.

Viya hosted a live shopping event on Singles Day 2019 that attracted over 43 million viewers. This was the beginning of live video shopping in China, and the trend continued to spread to the West.

Live video shopping is not just about the latest technology. It’s also about the influencers of the moment. Facilitating customer engagement is key to this success.

Benefits of live stream e-commerce

Greater audience reach

Physical events are often limited by space and geographical location. Live shopping allows you to invite as many people as you like. Live online shopping eliminates the restrictions that were imposed by the pandemic. Live online shopping allows audiences to shop from their homes and be part of your live show.

Live video shopping platforms allow brands to reach any location in the world, regardless of their size or geographical limitations.


It is easy to conduct live streaming shopping shows. You only need to have the right video and audio equipment, an Internet connection, and a reliable Live streaming e-commerce platform. One such platform is, which can help you connect with your audience and ultimately lead to sales.

You can also find detailed documentation, eBooks and tutorials on how to use live shopping to your advantage.

Audience interaction

Face-to-face interaction is a key component in branding authenticity. It allows businesses to connect with their customers and humanize themselves. Live shopping allows you to tell your brand’s story, and values, more effectively. Businesses that host live shopping shows and have question and answer sessions allow audiences to interact with the brand from their homes.

Live streaming e-commerce allows shoppers to connect directly with each other via a live stream. This is the digital equivalent to bringing brands into customers’ homes.

Strong sales conversion

Live shopping events can convert better than any other type of event. Live video shopping is a great way to increase sales for eCommerce businesses. Live video shopping can be used to offer discounts, promotions, and deals that will instantly increase sales.

Live shopping is a great tool for marketing and can be used as an important part of the buyer’s journey. This allows you to connect with your customers in a unique, effective way and create new business opportunities.

Wrapping it all

Brands now have many options when it comes to creating effective sales strategies, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. Live stream shopping is one of the most popular creative plans. Live stream shopping is a popular trend that you should start now.

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