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How CBD (Cannabidiol) May Help In Providing Relief from Back Pain?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a new formula in the health and wellness industry. It is an understudied treatment for most kind of pain, which includes back pain too. Inflammation is one of the main reasons for chronic back pain and studies suggest a strong possibility of using CBD oil for 7 days could reduce back pain.

There are many kinds of CBD products available which include oils, edibles, tinctures, creams, and lotions. The ingredients used in CBD products create a cooling and soothing effect when applied to the painful area. You may get these products easily over the counter stores or at online stores.

Visit JustCBD online store if you wish to buy a good authentic CDB product for pain relief. They offer high-quality CBD products made from originally grown hemp in the USA. Every CBD product they sell is GMP certified and well tested in labs. Their cream para el dolor or the CBD pain creams are infused with coconut oil, organic aloe, and other natural oils that provide a calming effect when applied to the painful desired area.

Helps in reducing back pain

Research indicates that using CBD products may reduce back pain as they help in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Dealing with anxiety issues, which are usually related to long term chronic back pain
  • Getting good sleep
  • Enhancing overall relaxation

CBD is a complete body treatment which means it does not directly target only back pain (unless used as topical form) but it also helps in providing a sense of relaxation and relief in pain.

Types of CBD products for back pain

Some of the most common CBD products that may be used for treating back pain are:


  • CBD oils can be vaporized, mixed with beverages, or can even be taken orally
  • Oils are generally used in CBD products like creams, and sprays but can be used alone
  • CBD oil-filled capsules can also be taken for treating chronic back pain, dosage varies from 450 mg to 3000 mg.

2)Creams and gels:

  • Gels and lotions with CBD are applied topically on the skin and absorbed by the skin.
  • This makes them good solution for back or neck pain.
  • They are said to reduce neuropathic and inflammatory pain


  • Tinctures are prepared from soaked cannabis flowers in alcohol for a long time
  • The process extracts concentrated from CBD
  • Tincture bottles have droppers which makes it easy for taking one drop or multiple drops as required
  • Tinctures can be used alone or in combination with food and drink


  • CBD can also be added to food and beverages
  • Can also be prepared at home,  mix CBD tincture or oil into drinks and food
  • Baked foods, chocolates, and gummies are such examples

Online store JustCBD claims that customers using their CBD products had relief in arthritis, joint pain, and back pain. However, before taking any supplements is always advisable to consult a doctor to ensure that it does not react with any medication or any other health problems.