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My Learning Cloud are the e-Learning specialists for Health and Social Care. Our Learning Management Systems are tailored to your specific organisational needs, supporting Blended Learning and offering 3 different LMS systems. Our accredited courses empower organisations to confidently manage and deliver compliant, higher standards of care. Our LMS’ are designed around the learner, our user-friendly technology and resources help aid best practice and management control. This is aimed to provide full transparency and save your organisation precious administration time. Your care staff will acquire skills and knowledge quickly through our engaging and accessible e-Learning for Health and Social Care. As a customer of ours, we offer your organisation unlimited support, backed-up with expert advice from our experienced team.

What does e-Learning for Care Homes look like?

In a Care Home, you are often faced with a busy environment and hard-working staff. Whether you have a Care Home that is made up of a few carers and a manager, solo worker, or even a large organisation with multiple homes, Learning and Development will be important regardless of its size. One of the main factors of Learning and Development is, undoubtedly e-Learning for Care Homes. This process allows learning to take place online and helps reduce any financial costs, and admin time compared to face-to-face training, or traditional classroom-based training.

Whilst many Care Homes will have their own ways of monitoring and tracking e-Learning per staff member, we’d like to provide more information on what a Learning Management System, known as an LMS, can do for your Health and Social Care organisation. Having accredited, engaging and interactive e-Learning along with an intuitive LMS will allow your Care Home to deliver a Blended Learning approach, which covers a range of different learning types, from workshops, face-to-face training, distance learning and e-Learning courses.

The pairing of e-Learning and an LMS for Health and Social Care.

An LMS can support any size of Care Home, and can effectively help Health and Social Care organisations reach compliance effectively. This is done because an LMS can automate and allow your organisation to track and monitor e-Learning. This allows most Care Homes and Health and Social Care providers the opportunity to take advantage of a digital approach to e-Learning.

By utilising an LMS and aligning this with your own strategic Learning and Development goals, this will make your Health and Social Care organisation’s compliance a more streamline and efficient process.

Many Care Homes will factor in all of its carers training with learning pathways dependant on experience level, this is easily done through an LMS. We all know Care Homes hold great career progression and individual personal development is critical across care homes to ensure you retain your workforce, through engaging content and a robust LMS.

If you’d like more information about a Learning Management System to support e-Learning for care homes. We provide with over 100 CPD accredited courses in line with CQC mandatory training and the Care Certificate, please visit us on