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What Categories Do The Articles Fall Under That We Publish?

Generally speaking, we don’t post straightforward news or conventional evaluations. The majority of what we publish is a commentary on recent events, opinion articles, features, and essays. In addition to investigations and interviews, we also publish listicles, picture essays, and a variety of other forms.

Where Do We Begin Our Search For An Article?

Because the internet is rife with articles, you must create content that is worthy of the reader’s time and attention. We want to publish in-depth stories, make a unique point, or investigate aspects that have not been reported on. We appreciate articles that address questions such as “who,” “what,” “where,” and “why” to shed fresh light on well-known subjects or that start with a news item but go farther in their investigation.

Your Article Needs To Be, Among Other Things, As Well As:

  • 500-1,000 words lengthy (very occasionally exceptions are made)
  • Written interestingly and engagingly: Your work ought to capture the attention of the reader and maintain it. A tale may be brought to life via the use of storytelling as well as quotations.
  • Make sure it is easy to read and comprehend by steering clear of jargon and other forms of technical terminology, staying away from unnecessary repetition, and putting yourself in the position of the reader.
  • Check, double verify, and triple-check your facts to ensure that they are accurate and supported by proof. Include hyperlinks to the work of other authors. Talk to other individuals to confirm information or to rely on the knowledge of others.
  • Intriguing and pertinent: No tale is automatically interesting or pertinent by its very nature. You need to make it so by, for example, bringing the problem to live with people and tales that make the reader care, or by explaining to the reader the wider picture and the ramifications of the concerns.

How Much Time Is Required To Complete The Procedure?

It differs depending on a wide variety of different circumstances. We have, within hours of receiving them, published timely works that are up to our standards and meet all of our requirements. And over a few weeks, we’ve collaborated with authors on articles or investigations that call for more introspection and research.

The time it takes to get from the initial draft to publishing can range anywhere from one to two weeks, although this number is mostly determined by how timely the subject matter is. We make every effort to respond to e-mails within two to four business days .

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